Our Responsible Gambling Policy


  • believes gambling should be a fun experience
  • believes an informed customer is responsible for their own behaviour
  • believes that customers should be encouraged and assisted to stay in control
  • is committed to spotting potential problem gamblers and helping them to help themselves stay away from harm
  • will only promote our products and services in a responsible manner and will not target young or vulnerable people
  • expects responsible behaviour from every colleague and will continually train them to help people experiencing harm
  • is committed to raising awareness of responsible gambling
  • senior business leaders have remuneration linked to Responsible Gambling targets

Underpinning our policy we have three guiding principles:

  1. Inform: It’s about giving customers the information and tools they need to help them to gamble responsibly in the first place
  2. Safeguard: It’s about encouraging customers to stop while they are ahead and not chase losses
  3. Interact: It’s about spotting when a customer may be losing control of their time or money and helping them to help themselves