In addition to our colleagues and the tools we provide online and in shop, there are a number of independent organisations that offer help and support.

Gamcare is the UK’s leading provider of support for those people who are experiencing difficulties with their gambling. They provide confidential telephone and online support and counselling to anyone affected by problem gambling. The Dunlewey Centre provides support if you live in Ireland. Gambling Therapy provides online, multi-language advice.

For details of how to contact the organisations listed, click here.

We recommend that every customer sets a deposit limit to their online account because it limits the amount of money they can spend gambling. Customers can also take a short break away from gambling using our time-out facility.

Customers who play games, casino, live casino, bingo, slots and mini games online, can set reality checks that provide them with reminders for the amount of time they have been playing. We provide an online budget calculator to help customers understand how much they are spending on gambling compared to other expenses.

Customers who gamble on machines in shops are encouraged to set time and money limits before they start playing and our machines are configured so that the set limit options appear each time someone starts to play.

For someone who has reached the point when the only way to stay in control is to stop gambling, we have both online and retail self-exclusion schemes. For more details of how to stay in control of your gambling, click here.

Gamcare is the UK’s leading provider of support for those people who are experiencing difficulties with their gambling and can also give advice to friends and family members affected by gambling. They provide confidential telephone and online support and counselling to anyone affected by problem gambling and can be contacted here.

For more details about helping friends or family members with a gambling problem, click here.

Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to discuss account details with anyone other than the account holder.

We recommend that parents and guardians who use a family-shared computer to install filtering software in order to restrict internet access to children and minors.

For more details about parental controls, click here.

Q: Now that you have merged with Coral how does this affect Self Exclusion?

Any self-exclusion with Ladbrokes will not affect your Coral Group account or restrict you from activating a Coral Group account. Although Ladbrokes and Coral have now merged we operate separate self exclusions and as such should you wish to exclude from Coral we would ask that you contact them directly.

Q: If I self-exclude, what happens to bets that I have placed which have not yet reached a conclusion?

A: Any unsettled bets with Ladbrokes will be settled on the result of the event. If your bet is a winner, you can contact our Customer Support team to arrange for the payment of your winnings to be made.

In respect of any outstanding bets with BETDAQ, any bets struck as a result of any stakes risked by you which have been matched in accordance with paragraph 10 - part 1 of the BETDAQ Terms & Conditions, shall continue to stand and you will not be able to change or otherwise trade in respect of such funds. If your account realises a profit in respect of such bets, the relevant funds will be remitted to your nominated bank account.

Q: Can I re-activate my account or open a new account during the self-exclusion period?

A: Accounts that have been self-excluded can not be reactivated under any circumstances until the expiry of the self-exclusion period. Ladbrokes self-exclusion policy involves a joint commitment from us and yourself. We will take reasonable steps to prevent you from re-opening your account or opening new accounts. However, during the period of your exclusion, you must not attempt to re-open any existing account(s) or try to open any new accounts.

Q: If I would like to re-activate my account after the self-exclusion period, can I do this?

A: At the end of the period, customers may recommence gambling by calling our Customer Support team (emails are not accepted) and should note that a 24-hour waiting period will be imposed. In the event of this, both your Ladbrokes and BETDAQ accounts (if you hold a BETDAQ account) will be reactivated.

BETDAQ is now part of the Ladbrokes Group of Companies and as a consequence of this, upon self-excluding with Ladbrokes, we are also required to self-exclude any account(s) that you may hold with www.betdaq.com. In order to ensure that any accounts held with www.betdaq.com have been closed and subject to the Ladbrokes Self Exclusion Policy, we ask you to please send us the usernames of any accounts that you may hold with BETDAQ. Alternatively, you can also contact BETDAQ directly at helpdesk@betdaq.com. Your self-exclusion will be applied for the same length of period on both sites. If for any reason there is a discrepancy in respect to the length of the periods requested, we will apply the longest serving period.

Q: If I was already excluded with BETDAQ am I automatically excluded from Ladbrokes?

A: If you have self-excluded with either Ladbrokes or BETDAQ from 8th April 2014, a self-exclusion has automatically been applied to both.

Any self-exclusions prior to 8th April 2014 will only be applicable to the platform that you excluded via; self-exclusions have not been applied retrospectively. I.e. if you self-excluded with BETDAQ prior to 8th April 2014, you would not be self-excluded with Ladbrokes, and vice versa, unless you requested a self-exclusion from both companies. If you believe you have an active Ladbrokes/BETDAQ account and wish to self-exclude, please contact us using one of the methods detailed above.