Our Responsible Gambling Policy

As the world’s largest retail bookmaker and a leading provider of online gambling products, Ladbrokes Coral understands and places real value on the importance of responsible gambling. We want to lead the industry whenever we can when it comes to promoting responsible gambling to our customers.

Our betting and gaming brands have a great heritage and are amongst the most trusted and respected in the industry. Our business has grown by always trying to give our customers the best experience we can, no matter when, where or how they choose to interact with us. We understand our customers and the vast majority of them enjoy their gambling in a safe and responsible manner.

However, for a small number of people, we know that gambling can cause personal, social, financial or health problems. We are committed to doing all that we reasonably can to encourage customers to gamble responsibly and to ensure those who develop gambling problems get the help they need. Key to this is being a company customers can trust.

This policy sets out how we, as an organisation, have committed to operate.


At the heart of our responsible gambling policy are three guiding principles that underpin our activity:

INFORM We provide clear information and tools that allow customers to take informed decisions when gambling.
SAFEGUARD We endeavour to help customers to keep control of their gambling and away from harm.
INTERACT We interact with our customers when we believe there is the possibility of harm, encouraging them to reflect on their behaviour and moderate it where necessary.

Just as it’s important for our customers to enjoy their gambling, so too is it important for all our colleagues to understand their responsibilities when it comes to helping every customer have the best betting experience. At Ladbrokes Coral Group we believe being responsible is about:

  • ensuring our shops are well managed and safe;
  • having websites that are secure;
  • ensuring our gambling products are easy to understand;
  • providing the information and tools needed to gamble responsibly;
  • keeping young and vulnerable people away from gambling and not targeting them with our products;
  • advertising in a responsible manner;
  • managing our partners effectively;
  • watching out for customers that may be losing control of their time or money;
  • interacting with customers who may be experiencing harm;
  • working with relevant stakeholders to reduce gambling-related harm; and
  • keeping gambling FUN.

To ensure we deliver against our promises, we have put in place a number of performance measurements and are setting targets for responsible gambling that we must deliver. To demonstrate the importance of this at Ladbrokes Coral, all of our senior leaders have remuneration linked to these targets, something that is unique in our sector.

The greatest protection, particularly for vulnerable people, is achieved when the industry acts together. Therefore, whenever we can, we promote dialogue and seek to build consensus around opportunities to raise standards of player protection and minimise the risk of gambling-related harm. That’s one of the reasons why we are proud to be founding members of the self-regulating industry body The Senet Group in the UK and why we aim to be leading participants in relevant trade bodies wherever we operate, in order to improve industry-wide approaches to advertising and promote responsible gambling.