Protecting the Vulnerable

We understand that some people who develop a problem with their gambling don’t always realise it. If you are concerned about a partner, family member or friend, you should consider whether the following items apply to the person you are worried about:

  • Do you think their gambling has begun to affect their work, college or university studies?
  • Do you think they are lying to cover up the amount of money or time they spend gambling?
  • Is their gambling becoming a focus for arguments and disagreements with family and friends?
  • Do they borrow or steal money from family or friends in order to gamble?
  • Has their gambling caused them to lose interest in other hobbies and family activities?
  • Have they become violent or abusive towards family or friends as a result of losing money while gambling?
  • Are you concerned that someone under the age of 18 has begun gambling?

If you are concerned that someone you know is being affected by the items above, then you can click here for details of where to get help.