Reality Check

A Reality Check is intended to give you the option of setting a time frequency at which you will receive an on-screen notification detailing the length of time you have spent gaming.

The Reality Check will apply when you are playing on Games, Casino, Live Casino, Bingo, Slots and Mini Games on the Ladbrokes site. It will not apply to Sports Betting, P2P poker etc.

The Reality Check is an account setting that can be changed at any time by going to My Account > Gambling Controls > Reality Checks, on your desktop PC or Mobile device, and choosing the setting that you believe is appropriate to help you keep control of the time you spend gaming. You must log out of your account and log back in for any new Reality Check setting to take effect.




Logging out of your Ladbrokes account stops the reality check timer and it will reset when you next place a bet on a gaming product upon your next login.

The reality check function is triggered when you press ‘bet’ or ‘spin’ and the time that you have set has already elapsed, this may mean that the reality check only appears just after the frequency that you have set, as placing the next bet will be the trigger. Importantly, for live events that have an ‘off’ time such as live casino, you will not be able to place a bet until the Reality Check window has been dismissed. It is your responsibility to ensure that bets placed on events with an ‘off’ time are placed in sufficient time to acknowledge the Reality Check and to then place your bet if you have the Reality Check option enabled.

The Reality Check pop-up is a tool to help you manage your time spent gambling. It is your responsibility to stop gaming in the time-frame that you believe is appropriate for you personally, and Ladbrokes will not be responsible should you choose to continue gaming or if for any reason the reality check functionality fails due to technical limitations or connectivity issues.

A clock is always visible when you are playing on any Ladbrokes gaming product and you are encouraged to make use of this in conjunction with the Reality Check setting to help you control the amount of time that you spend Gaming.